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Hardware & Software


Omni-3750Verifone Omni 3750

Verifone's Omni 3750 with an integrated smart card reader packs all the performance and processing capabilities you need into a compact, ergonomic “hand-over” device that can be easily passed to customers for PIN entry. Convenient, all-in-one design combines a mag-stripe reader, smart card reader, internal PIN pad, and quiet, fast thermal printer.

Verifone 610Verifone Vx610

Verifone’s Vx610 wireless terminal delivers reliable, high-speed performance, advanced functionality and exceptional ease of use. Using the latest and most popular wireless technologies, the Vx610 allows transactions to be processed just about anywhere, at any time. It’s the ideal processing solution for outdoor markets, taxis, delivery services, and restaurants who offer pay at the table, drive thru, and delivery services.


Nurit 2085Nurit 2085

Do you need an affordable but highly flexible payment processing solution? Need to offer customers multiple payment options to enhance their in-store experience? Lipman has produced a simple, convenient, all-in-one solution, where terminal and printer, plus optional built-in PIN pad and smart card reader, are integrated into one compact design.

Nurit 8020Nurit 8020

As the best selling wireless payment device in the world, the NURIT 8020 is a lightweight device enables fast, secure, error-free transactions for merchants “on the go.” An ultra-flexible wireless payment device, it is used in a large variety of vertical market applications as a fast and efficient means of achieving increased and diverse revenue.

Nurit 3020Nurit 3020

Do you need a flexible but affordable multiple payment processing solution? Are you looking to speed up and simplify your customers’ purchase transaction experience? The Nurit 3020 is a compact, reliable solution that complies with universal industry standards for connectivity.

Nurit 8320Nurit 8320

The compact and flexible NURIT 8320 was designed for the many small and medium-sized businesses that require an all-in-one landline terminal that is completely secure, reliable and easy-to-handle. This high performance, multifunction POS incorporates a secure internal PIN pad, high-speed modem, and quiet, fase thermal printer, as well as a magnetic card swipe and Smart Card reader.



Hypercom T4100Hypercom Optimum T4100

The Optimum T4100 is truly unique for our industry - the first terminal that cost-effectively combines performance, security, reliability and ease of use. These elements are the cornerstone of our Optimum family.


Hypercom T7P Hypercom T7P

The T7P is designed for upgrading authorization-only equipment and for merchants moving to data capture and debit applications. It features an integrated modular impact or quiet thermal printer.T7P can read all types of credit, debit, check and charge cards, and an external PIN pad can be attached to support cardholder entry of PIN numbers.

Hypercom T7 Hypercom T7-Plus

The Hypercom T7Plus builds on the heritage of Hypercom’s popular T7 family of terminals selling more than 3 million units. This latest model is designed for merchants requiring a compact countertop POS terminal accepting all magnetic stripe cards and delivering fast online transaction authorizations.

Check Readers

Magtek check readerMag-Tek Check Reader

Mag-Tek's MICR check reader helps reduce the risk of check acceptance at the retail counter. The MICR check reader can detect fraudulent or copied checks that don't have magnetic MICR encoding. Check data read by the MICR reader passes through the POS terminal for verification by the check processor's database. The optional 3-track magnetic stripe reader allows reading of AAMVA driver's licenses, debit and credit cards.

RDM 5000iRDM EC5000i

With RDM's new EC5000i, retail merchants can capture all of the information they need to transform a customer's check into an electronic transaction. The EC5000i provides rapid and accurate capture of the MICR information and check image such that the check payment can immediately be converted to an electronic transaction and returned to the consumer in the same time typically taken to accept a credit card transaction.


Safepay SoftwarePC Charge Merchant

You use your PC for many business functions, from tracking inventory to maintaining customer and employee databases and accounting. Why not use it to accept payments as well? PCCharge payment software from VeriFone turns any PC into a payment-accepting device, without interfering with other programs.