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Gift Card Loyalty Program

Having one of the most state-of-the-art programs enables Federated Payments to add value to a company. With Gift / Loyalty cards a merchant can ensure a wider customer base and increased spending at their store.

Gift Cards

Gift Card Activation – Activate a card from store supply and assign a dollar value to the card. Cards you purchase have no pre-determined value associated with it – enabling you to have the right denomination available when you need it.

Gift Card Sale – Deduct value from the gift card for a retail sale. Printed receipt generated indicating value left on gift card, if any. Inactivate/reclaim gift card if balance used.

Add value to gift card – Add more value to an existing gift card.

Balance – Check value of gift card.

Issue merchandise credit – Similar to add value to gift card. Used for merchandise returns in lieu of cash payments.

Cancel gift card – Remove gift card from circulation.

Gift card transactions capture information such as: invoice number (optional), transaction ID (generated by system), cashier number (for reporting security and running promotions among store employees)

Associate Name, Address, Customer information to gift card – also used in loyalty portion of program.

Tipping functionality for restaurants, salons and other service-oriented businesses. The program maintains a list of open transactions so the server / employee can enter a tip without card present after the customer has signed the sales slip.

Loyalty Cards

Ability to input customer information and associate it with a gift or loyalty card. Track customer birth date or other important dates, while can be reported on for generating special promotions.

  • Tracks number of visits per customer/card
  • Tracks amount spent per customer/card
  • Associate an invoice number with a transaction
  • Logic for supporting tiered promotions: e.g. so many “points” offers this reward on receipt automatically
  • Define number of points earned per dollar spent.
  • Supports multiple notes per customer. Useful for high-end retail.

Ability to push customer (store-defined) message or text coupon to customer receipt – based on a sales conversion, etc.

Supports regular mailing address as well as email address for promotional mailings.